We will guide you around Sorrento, its surroundings and more

Escursione Salerno Paestum - Hotel Del Corso Sorrento



Medieval and arachnological history are the protagonist of this group tour that includes two stops, one in the centre of the historical city of Salerno, the second of the Campania region, and the other in the area of ancient Paestum arachnological site.

  • Coach transfer
  • Guide for the entire tour
  • Guided visit
  • 30/50 persons

Tour description

With this tour we first visit Salerno, the medieval city which founded the first ‘university of medicine’ in Europe.
The tour continues with a walk along the promenade and a visit to the cathedral. Rich with different architectural styles from medieval to Baroque.
The tour continues now for the city of Paestum where you will visit the archaeological sites with remains of Greek walls, the temple of Neptune in which you are able to see the impression of footprints in the stones. The temple of Hera and that of Athena.
Other archaeological sites included in the tour are the visit to the archaeological museum of Paestum where it is possible to admire the tomb of the diver, a typical Greek artefact.

If you like fine dining, the tour concludes with a visit to the buffalo mozzarella factory where the very well-known mozzarella is produced using buffalo milk from the Campania region DOP.

Departure and prices

This excursion costs €45 per person.

Departure is on Tuesday at 8:am.