We will guide you around Sorrento, its surroundings and more

Frantoio Gargiulo



The flavour of olive oil changes from area to area. To know all the secrets of the olive oil from Sorrento and to immerse yourself in the magic of being in an olive grove this tour is perfect.

  • Duration 1-2h.
  • Transfer included
  • Min. 2 person.
  • English or Italian.

Tour description

Prepare yourself for a walk in a real garden on the hills of Sorrento through the olive, lemon and hundreds of fruit trees. Learn the ancient techniques for pressing olives and Make a visit to the modern Oil Mill.

A viewing of a documentary will complete your visit and help you understand the various phases of the olive oil process.

Finally, a tasting of all the olive oil produce; our guide is always happy to answer any questions concerning this tour.

Departure and prices

The tour costs €20pp, excluded transfer. A min. of 2 people.