We will guide you around Sorrento, its surroundings and more

Escursione Capri - Hotel Del Corso Sorrento



If you like night life this is your ideal tour. A moonlit boat trip to Capri, the magical island where you will dine and enjoy your evening in Guido Lembo’s famous club ‘Anema e Core’

  • Semi personalized tour.
  • Boat visit of Capri by night.
  • Luxury boat.
  • Restaurant dinner.
  • Club evening.
  • 10-12 persons.

Tour description

Once the clamour of the day dies down the isle of Capri transforms like a woman in an evening dress.

Everything changes on the isles of the mermaids as the nightlife begins.

If you love the ‘dolce vita’ this tour is ideal for you.

You will leave Sorrento in the evening reaching the isle which you will admire by night. You will dine in a typical Capri restaurant and then go and have fun in the Anema e Core.

Departure and price

This tour is available only during high season. The prices will be available as soon as the season starts.