A constant commitment to the environment

Hotel del Corso acknowledges that tourism is a human activity that has an enormous impact on environment, and that only a scrupulous respect for environment will guarantee that future generations may enjoy the lovely landscape of the Sorrentine peninsula, a place unique in the world.

Hotel del Corso thus commits itself to:

  • Conform to all local, national, and European laws devoted to environmental protection, also adopting higher standards that aim towards setting it well above minimum prerequisites.
  • Work actively so that its own environmental policy is spread and shared by our staff, our suppliers, and our guests, asking them to co-operate with us to achieve higher goals.
  • Promote within local communities those projects aiming to restore and/or preserve the environment, and promote a form of environmental tourism.
  • Preserve natural and energy sources, though without sacrificing the operating needs, security and hygiene requirements as the essential basis for guests satisfaction.
  • Respect both the rules of good architectural design and nature, thus committing to minimise the environmental impact of its facilities.
  • Design, build, and maintain its facilities so as to guarantee best effectiveness and energy saving.
  • Designing, building, and maintaining its equipment so as to limit and minimise the waste of water resources.
    Design, build, and maintain its facilities so as to limit and minimise air and sound pollution.
  • Efficiently manage and reduce the amount of waste produced thanks to a careful purchasing policy that opts for recycled packaging and choice of suppliers that are environment-oriented.
  • Give attention to traditional craft and agricultural activities of our land, which have always lived side by side with the rhythms and pace of nature.