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Sorrento opera lirica- Hotel del Corso



Would you like to include in your holiday in Sorrento a visit to the arachnological museum with top class music? Opera played in the Correale di Terranova museum is the most beautiful way of Combining culture and emotions.

  • Classical concert
  • Italian language
  • Lasting 2/3h.

Show description

A collection of the most famous operatic Areas in a show that offers a unique emotion. There you can imagine a small ‘time machine’, thanks to the ambience.

It is set in the Correale museum grand hall thus giving the spectator the feeling of being in the past like the tourists of the Grand Tour.

From the operatic site, we read:

The Correale Museum of Terranova is an archeological museum and art gallery located in the centre of Sorrento. It offers to its visitors the incredible collection of paintings and portraits in the Neapoletan style, in particular the one of Posillipo, dating back from the XV to XIX Century, so as the precious porcelains of the famous Capodimonte method.

From April until October the Opera e Lirica concerts take place in Sorrento in this gorgeous mansion which, with its three floors and its majesty, dominates the Gulf of Naples, offering the spectator a suggestive view while the garden surrounding the museum inebriates the atmosphere with fragrances and colours.

Soprano, tenor and baritone voices resound in the golden rooms of the Correale Museum, when the light of the sunset leaves space to the mysticism of the night.

Dates and prices

The show with three tenors takes place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. The seat cost varies from 40€pp last row to €70 pp first row. With an additional charge of €10 pp you can have a tasting of local produce.